Welcome to Rivas Photography! We are a Kansas City based luxury photography studio that specializes in weddings and engagements, corporate events, and professional sports. While our studio is located in Kansas City, we travel to locations around the world. Some of our favorite images have been created in Colorado, Madison, Chicago, Jamaica, Orlando and, of course, Kansas City. Learn More About Rivas »


When a groom sees his bride for the first time. The moment a newlywed couple walks out of the chapel to their closest friends and family celebrating. The glance a new husband and wife give each other just before a kiss in an incredible location. This is what we strive to capture, preserve, and present to you in the most beautiful, dramatic way possible. These moments will become your new family’s first memories and heirlooms.
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I (Kyle) absolutely love event photography. I love to photograph events and create marketing material that is catered for your publication and social media needs. It’s important to us that we work closely with our clients before each event to know the schedule, key donors or attendees, and any group photos, while blending into the background of the event as it unfolds.
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One of my most distinct passions has always lied within my love for sports photography. My first photography shoots were of high school sporting events and throughout my college days into my early career I have traveled the country covering everything from Little League to Major League athletics.
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